Eciens is established by experts in the fields of engineering and international trading. Our purpose and focus are to manufacture products and offer services in seafood, aquaculture and marine industries that are seeking for compatible solutions with the new world. We are obsessed with defining problems, produce ideas, solve them and be permanent. The trade model of the new era requires fast, reliable, problem-solving, repeatable and constant relationships. We would like to offer products and services that reflect our core values and cultures for every our client in worldwide.


Eciens offers very wide of product ranges and services. We are working with the best manufacturers all around to world to maintain our quality of works. In all things we do, we deeply focus on understanding demands and market conditions.

Our Turkey and Vietnam offices can provide best quality seafoods with decent prices,
For buyers in worldwide we are offering third party inspections,
In marine area we can offer floating docks, jet-ski drive on docks, floating water parks and floating lounges.

  • Empathy to truly understanding client demands

  • Experienced engineers and trade specialists

  • Obsessed with quality and focusing every details


Our greatest satisfaction in doing our work is that we feel that we create value along with the feeling of production. The rule that we pay the most attention to in each sector we work with is to never harm the nature and protect sustainability. We respect our jobs… Passion, focus and value creation are the words that make up the infrastructure of every work we do.